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Monday, 8-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
rice chalet 2

Bolls artcatmozaic
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Ceiling,we turned our looking direction normal sight;both bones on a floor.
Needed some color in life room http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=26354

Sunday, 7-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ricing chalet

Chairyard 4
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A sold story from cows in the air on visit in the country,passing some yards,in the meanwhile.
The times after we sall give a look into and behind the chalet to the stable.
We starting in the foryard,lets sit on it
Come in :
May I repressent Helene,a muze ,she had looked back.
She was a great;performed me for a long time in Metro 1989 in Anvers...
My last date with her was in one of the 99 bunkering-port in Anvers like a pedestal.
Well we are inside,no passings doors but we going straight and healty get a look to the walls and the ceiling.


Thursday, 27-Nov-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Look throug mirrow quest.

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High May I? presume Nickname i colled.
Ihave heard that there a lot of animal things is missin or lost in vacance websurfing.
Mine boss chief without sigar told me to look for the Helped monkey,cause he looked after whole waterbuckets.zEE-bra,s;Pigs,Cows holy or not,Froggy,s and other ounderwearanimals.The lest place i discovered is the circ site,where i noticed a kind of monkey bisnis.
Mine traveling goes farther then The bridge too var ;no Sea too High Chaperall.
Ishall swimming overcome,just give me discret some linkys:(wlinks) or cookings behind de Ishake and shal see.

My first holidaystrip is nt going too direction Stable,The place too be for working bees,Ihope i find Maya in virtueel living en breathing full off dance an rets uot of trance http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=17761
Undercover news ,found next foundings ,one Red irondread(for following back and forwards mine search way and ofcourse Swans lookings from the past times !her some log);http://www.fotolog.net/kitsh_lover/?photo_id=2442003
alsoo coffee,expres or post from everway.
Cheers good wingsmovement.
http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=10781 some zSwans.

I found a dancing plumber,he tolds me dat he woeked about it(making cold water voor Augius,Iget excuses from him ,he had worked a bridge too far West,must be East http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=14649
Balloons http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=18578:We needed Water.
http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=16688 We shall overcome
fROGS http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=11594
Waterbuckets? http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=16265
again a poem bucket:

Bring buckets to see ,two for it;
Play ball with green cheese.
Her chapter is what she do;
Flowers for a mirrow-wedding.

Ifound a artist working in a dark kader; http://users.pandora.be/hetkadervzw/kader/index
Froggy,s http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=20126

Stables http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=24
Aped stripes http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=28945
High chapperall ,here is Fridays-mate from Webbetravel

Thursday, 13-Nov-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
second Circ round

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Playing the Bleuse.

wlink http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=16430

Juliette on the circ;http://willem.fotopages.com/?entry=17214

Monkeys and cows

Wednesday, 12-Nov-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The circ most go on.

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Under presure ;Water must boiling before egging,keeps a little bit round and round,Following the moons.

wlink http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=16430

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